I-38010 SFRUZ Val di Non (Trentino)

What can you do in Val di Non in Trentino?

Vacation in Val di Non will be characterized by long sunny days that invite you to stay outdoors not only but in all seasons.

In spring, the orchards wake up and give a bloom between pure white and soft pink, a panorama as far as the eye can see.

Autumn is not gray, dark and foggy, but with thousand warm colors that whet the desire for new experiences.

And in winter? Like from a fairy tale! Excursions listening to the silence of nature that rests.

The Val di Non, known for its apple orchards, offers countless opportunities to spend one's holiday immersed in nature. Nearby there are horse farms, golf courses, lakes for fishing, ice skating rinks, a ski slope with treadmill suitable for children and beginners. Our woods are appreciated by those who love looking for mushrooms or walking on foot or cycling in nature and our mountains offer the possibility of more or less demanding excursions.



Not to be missed...

The Sanctuary
of San Romedio

The sanctuary of San Romedio, an impressive place, rich in spirituality, stands on a limestone cliff over 70 meters high. It can be reached via a walk in the rock, an ancient irrigation canal, that leads from Sanzeno to the Sanctuary or from the nearby village of Coredo along the Coredo and Tavon lakes.
The Santa The Lake

The Lake

Lake Tovel is one of the best-known alpine lakes thanks to the red color of its waters due to a particular alga that has now disappeared. It is located in the Brenta Dolomites. In the crystal clear waters of this lake, the surrounding mountains are reflected, creating a unique landscape that fills the eyes with wonder!
The Sanctuary The Lake

The Lake

Artificial basin in Fondo, it is highly recommended, to reach it on foot from the town of Fondo through the "ravine walk". And in winter, skating on the lake is really impressive!
The Lake The castles

The castles
of Valle di Non

In no other place like in Val di Non, you will be able to admire so many castles, ruins and palaces: the best known is certainly Castel Thun, with its preserved museum heritage, but crossing the drawbridge of Castel Valer seems to immerse oneself in a history of other times and just as good as are Castel Nanno, Castel Belasi, Castel Coredo and Palazzo Nero, Casa De Gentili ... a true artistic and architectural heritage out of time!
The Lake The Predaia

The Predaia

On the Predaia plateau between the villages of Sfruz and Tres, walks are the master! With snowshoes on your feet or mountaineering skis in winter and with hiking shoes, on a bicycle or on horseback during the year, the routes to be covered never end. Without too much effort, you can reach the Coredo hut or the Rodeza hut and with little more effort, up to the peaks of the Corno di Tres for a breathtaking view!
The castles The Canyons

The Canyons
of the valley

Open and gentle, the Valle di Non also hides gorges and canyons due to the erosive action of water, which has created curious decorative objects, digging the stone over centuries. Adventure is not lacking here!
The Predaia The Santa

The Santa
Giustina Lake

Artificial lake in the heart of the Valle di Non, it is an artificial basin originating from the construction of the Santa Giustina dam in the 1950s. There are numerous viewpoints on the lake and in Plaze near Dermulo village, you can enjoy a real beach by the lake. But that's not all, the lake can be crossed by canoe and kayak, entering its spectacular canyons!
The Canyons The Sanctuary